44 minutes | Apr 12, 2021

Ep. 8: Claudia All My Life

It’s four in the morning when Lyndon wakes up Lady Bird to the news that Senator Robert Kennedy has been shot. This episode takes us through the tragic hours of vigil as the nation grapples with his death -- the third political assassination in five years, and just two months since the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. We’re led by Lady Bird’s experience of these days -- the nonstop TV coverage, the hushed atmosphere in the White House, and her vivid impressions of the funeral in New York, including a tense encounter with Jacqueline Kennedy. In the aftermath, it’s a bittersweet final months for the Johnsons’ presidency: a final push for their ambitious projects, last minute bids to draft Lyndon to run again. The season ends with the Johnson family at home in Austin, watching a chaotic convention play out in Chicago from their living room at the LBJ Ranch.
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