23 minutes | Jul 9, 2021

6. Road to Renewables : Brianna Knisley

This week, we are bringing back one of our previous podcast that follows the theme of our season, Road to Renewables. We chatted with Brianna Kinsley who has a degree in sustainable development and works for Appalachian Voices assisting the people of East Tennessee to address the energy efficiency needs. This podcast looks further into how Appalachian Voices is assisting in energy democracy, the local people having control of how their electricity is produced and distributed to ensure everyone has access to affordable and clean power. With the help of solar, wind and hydro power, Appalachian Voices is helping citizens decrease their carbon footprint by allowing them to choose clean, renewable energy. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the episode! Contact and connect with Briana: brianna@appvoices.org    Appalachian Voices: https://appvoices.org/energydemocracy/tennessee/
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