26 minutes | Oct 9th 2019

#67: Designing Motherhood

This episode answers all of the questions you never knew you had about the objects associated with motherhood, from the unexpected stories behind some of the most ubiquitous designs (did you know that the incubator was inspired by a doctor's trip to the zoo?) to the histories revealed by these objects. For example, the popularity of the baby blanket tracks with the increased industrialization of birth in America over the past 70 years. Joining our host Charlotte Burns are Amber Winick and Michelle Millar Fisher, the co-creators of “Designing Motherhood: A Century of Making and Unmaking Babies”, the forthcoming book and exhibition that investigate more than 100 designs that have shaped our understanding of parenthood in America over the past century. To hear more, tune in today. Transcript: https://www.artagencypartners.com/transcript-67-designing-motherhood/ "In Other Words” is a presentation of AAP and Sotheby’s, produced by Audiation.fm.
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