45 minutes | Aug 15th 2019

#63: Live Panel: Says Who? Cultural Value and Validation in the 21st Century

Who gets to define culture, and who gets to create it? Who decides what's in and what's out, what's valuable and what's worthless? In a live panel discussion moderated by Charlotte Burns and organized in collaboration with Sotheby's and the Aspen Ideas Festival, our guests Roberta Smith (The New York Times co-chief art), Michael Govan (CEO and Wallis Annenberg Director of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art), and Derrick Adams (a visual and performance artist) examine how society forms a consensus about which objects and stories we save, and which we discard—and, ultimately, who controls culture today.  To hear more from the live panel, tune in today. Transcript:  https://www.artagencypartners.com/transcript-63-live-from-aspen/ “In Other Words” is a presentation of AAP and Sotheby’s, produced by Audiation.fm.  
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