33 minutes | Mar 27, 2019

When Gifted Kids Need Accommodations, Too

Twice-exceptional (or “2E”) kids have learning and thinking differences AND are gifted. In this last episode of Season 1, Lexi and Amanda speak with guests Penny Williams, a parenting trainer and coach, and Debbie Reber, author and creator of TiLT Parenting, about the unique challenges of meeting the needs of 2E children. For these moms, their kids' giftedness doesn't make things easier—it adds a layer of complexity.   PLEASE TAKE OUR SEASON 1 LISTENER SURVEY: u.org/podcast   Understood is a free resource and online community for parents of kids with learning and thinking differences. Learn more and connect with other families who are In It: u.org/podcast    Copyright © 2019 Understood.org USA LLC. All rights reserved.
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