45 minutes | Sep 7, 2021

#7 - Casey Danford | Launching the world's first training mask

Throughout the podcast we discuss the journey that Casey and his team have been on with Training Mask over the years. They are the original Training Mask (boasting countless patents & trademarks) and have spent years dealing with copy-cats. Training Mask is now on their 3.0 version of the mask and have a lot more in store for their user-base.On their journey, they've sold millions of masks and even had their masks featured by athletes during the SuperBowl and in popular movies like Creed. Casey is on a mission to continue growing the brand and is constantly putting his masks to the tests through clinical trials and testing.Check out https://www.trainingmask.com to learn moreWelcome to the In Fitness & In Health Podcast Thanks so much for listening to the In Fitness and In Health podcast!Head to Westriveapp.com/podcast to learn more
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