32 minutes | Aug 30, 2021

#6 - Kyriakos Eleftheriou | Creating the world's first platform to connect all health data to apps

Welcome to the In Fitness & In Health PodcastKyriakos Eleftheriou's LinkedIn bio states, "make something people want" and that's exactly what he's done. As the founder of Terra, he's built a platform that can bridge the gap between mobile apps and smart watches.Today, as the founder of WeStrive, I have to setup relationships with each smart watch in order to get them on my app. It's an exhausting process and now, it's not necessary. Thanks to Kyriakos and his team, Terra is an API we can add into WeStrive that will allow any of ours users to connect their app to 15+ wearables. It's absolutely genius.Throughout the podcast, we cover why Kyriakos decided to pursue this idea, his background in the Greek Special Forces, and where his love for fitness came from.Check out tryterra.co to learn more.Welcome to the In Fitness & In Health Podcast Thanks so much for listening to the In Fitness and In Health podcast!Head to Westriveapp.com/podcast to learn more
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