41 minutes | Aug 9, 2021

#3 - James Oliver | Launching A Massive Nutrition Bar Company

After becoming a specialized sports nutritionist through ISSA, James looked around the industry and realized that there was a need for a better tasting Keto bar. To go from ground zero all the way to the beautiful website that Atlasbar offers today is quite the journey - and that’s exactly what we cover on the podcast.James discusses his journey from the first Keto bar all the way to the 20+ flavors they currently offer. The main focus for Atlas Bar? Quality. James believes that offering a 5-star product will top marketing efforts 10 time out of 10 and his team has done just that. They have 5-star reviews flowing through every day and are working constantly to grow their company.Throughout this episode I personally learned a ton about nutrition and James covers specific ingredients like what Ashwagandha is. If you’re looking for an amazing nutritional product (that tastes extremely good - thanks for the samples, James!) then you’ve come to the right episode and the right product.Head to Atlasbars.com to learn more.I want to thank you so much for listening to the In Fitness and In Health podcast! Head to Westriveapp.com/podcast to learn more.Welcome to the In Fitness & In Health Podcast Thanks so much for listening to the In Fitness and In Health podcast!Head to Westriveapp.com/podcast to learn more
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