32 minutes | Aug 3, 2020

Without Compromise: Time to Master Your Purpose & Profit with Vanessa Chambers

How do you do contribute to a cause close to your heart and run a business? Vanessa shares that it's not as complicated and as soul-crushing as you think.Today's In-Demand guest shares how she puts it all into perspective: "When you pursue a purpose and manage a business you have to be your biggest cheerleader and your worst critic, you have to find a balance.In episode 2, Victoria Taylor talks with Vanessa Chambers, a Jamaican-Canadian Interior Designer, Fabulous Thrifter, and overall an outspoken Sustainable Fashion Advocate.She shares her views on how using sustainable fashion may seem like a small step for helping to keep our carbon footprint at ease, but it's much bigger than think!  Vanessa's drive for sustainability allowed her to combine her passion for interior design and thrifting to create Personal Space Living, an online home decor curating company! She's been featured UK's Earth Minutes Blog, When Thrifters Thrift, and a long line of thrifting brands and influencers. You can find her online at  @ohheyvanessa on Instagram.Vanessa believes, "Growing up, I always wanted to create something that would do more good than harm to the planet. And that is what I aim to do with PSL. I love my career as an Interior Design because not only do I get to make a space functional for the user but also beautiful in a personal way."If there's anything you can learn from Vanessa, you don't need to compromise your values or morals when starting a business but use them to help you find your niche and community, ready to support you at every step! 
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