41 minutes | Aug 26, 2020

The Perfect Cocktail: Life, Work & Keeping Sane with Anika Repole-Wilson

Meet Mother, business owner, Brand & Digital Strategy Maverick, Business Coach and the founder of the Chic Digital, Anika Repole-Wilson.In this episode of the In-Demand Podcast, Victoria talks with the Founder and CEO of Chic Digital. We dive in deep with the ideal there is no such thing as a balanced life, but you can find balance! Anika talks about doing the work while being heart-lead, the importance of mental health especially for entrepreneurs who are on the edge and lastly how she does it all (but not all at once). "I've embraced that aspect of who I am. Five years ago I would have fought the notice of being so heart-lead and empathic and those female aspects of who I am, but it's been a journey to embrace of these elements of myself...Appreciating that I'm not just a mom, a business individual, not just a wife, many times we get wrapped up in those roles and forget who we are at the core."Anika is a well known and sought after brand and digital strategist making her a household name in Jamaica's digital marketing industry. She's the host of her weekly IG Live show "CEO Chat" where she interviews local business and creative experts to share their tips and strategies with her audience. Not to mention the host of the podcast "The Chic Spot," where she talks "chic" on the latest in digital marketing trends for soloprenuers and business owners alike. 
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