35 minutes | Sep 3, 2020

Real Success Looks Like...Well...This! With Jacqueline Carrington

When was the last time you defined what success meant to you? After all how you define success can make or break you! Today's In-Demand guest shares how she puts it all into perspective: "Nobody starts out perfect at the finish line, you have to start somewhere!" In episode 4, Victoria Taylor talks with Jacqueline Carrington, the CEO and founder of People or Color Beauty.  Keep listening for little gems because we also talk about how to find mentors and people within your industry that can help you grow. She talks about how she perfected her branding, building her community and how her thriving business is fueled by the support of her husband and family. Jacqueline, better known as Jacque, is a wife and mother of 3 children and 3 cats. She has been an entrepreneur since childhood and enjoys all things travel, real estate, entrepreneurship and hanging out with family and friends. For more on her brand check out People of Color website and Instagram page. 
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