28 minutes | Sep 30, 2020

How Direction & Branding Creates Loyality with Ada Juristovski

Are you building a business with clear direction? When was the last time you sat down and took a look at where you were going and the impact you wanted to make. Today's In-Demand podcast guest shares what it takes to balance purpose, perspective and direction. How starting a business with her mother after stage 4 lung cancer claimed her father before their eyes seemed like the next step to create the change she wanted. In episode 7, Victoria Taylor talks with Ada Juristovski, the co-founder of Nala Care. Nala grew from an idea into a necessity. We became incapable of ignoring an issue that rattled us deep within – a value we carry forth into what Nala stands for today. Where can you find out more about Nala Care: Website: Nala CareInstagram: @nalacare
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