4 minutes | Mar 2, 2021

#19. How to Define Your Marketing Goals Like a Pro | Tuesday Tips Series

A lot of business owners say their main goal "Is to grow their business." That's not a goal, that's a statement every business owner has had from the beginning of time.  Which business owners doesn't want to grow their business??? If you don't have a specific marketing or business goal then you plan to go nowhere! In this video (I rant a little but) I'm going to show you how to define your marketing goals or goals in general. Sit down and sip this tea! Your Podcast Host, Victoria TaylorP.S This podcast is still growing so don't forget to show your support by sharing, subscribing or following me on social below. Any support is welcomed. About Me: Victoria Taylor is a Digital and Content Marketing Consultant who helps female entrepreneurs with eCommerce brands to find marketing clarity, increase online sales,  global awareness, and branding with her expertise. You can find her on social media sharing her thoughts on the latest on digital marketing.Website: Victoria Taylor Marketing Personal Instagram: @victoriaknowsbestBusiness Instagram: @victoriaknowsmarketing LinkedIn: Victoria Alana Taylor 
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