31 minutes | Feb 11, 2021

#16. Finding Your Tribe: How Your Friends Influence Your Business & Growth | Solo Episode

When they say birds of a feather flock together, they never really speak about how those birds can affect your business and your bread (aka money). Today I'll be addressing something I see a lot of female entrepreneurs failing at choosing the right tribe to help grow and build along side their business.If you find yourself questioning your tribe then you should listen in on this podcast to find out if your tribe is standing right by you or letting success stand in your way. Your Podcast Host, Victoria TaylorP.S This podcast is still growing so don't forget to show your support by sharing, subscribing or following me on social below. Any support is welcomed. About Me: Victoria Taylor is a Digital and Content Marketing Consultant who helps female entrepreneurs with eCommerce brands to find marketing clarity, increase online sales,  global awareness, and branding with her expertise. You can find her on social media sharing her thoughts on the latest on digital marketing.Website: Victoria Taylor Marketing Personal Instagram: @victoriaknowsbestBusiness Instagram: @victoriaknowsmarketing LinkedIn: Victoria Alana Taylor 
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