20 minutes | Nov 4, 2020

#10: Victoria Taylor - Is This What I'm Suppose to Do?

 You've probably heard people say that once you find your purpose everything aligns. Once you find your passion everything will be okay. Great,  but what if I'm still stuck asking  " what should I be doing with my life?" or "Is this what I should be doing?"People overlook the fact that a lot of people are plagued with this question, especially when you're multi-talented. If this is you sis, pull up and chair and listen.  We need to talk .During this raw and unedited solo episode I'll be talking about my own journey, why it's so important for you to live a life with purpose and actionable ways to find it. Like seriously, you're gonna find it. With Love, Victoria Where can you find Victoria Taylor Personal Instagram: @victoriaknowsbestBusiness Instagram: @victoriaknowsmarketing
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