30 minutes | Sep 24, 2019

Episode 20: Get Off Drake's Lawn!

Jeunesse just got the Tweet of her LIFE! From a celebrity of course. Some might call this person, the Grandaddy of True Crime. She and Joanne will fill you in. This week we'll tell you about another new reboot that's in the works. In the words of DJ Khalid, another one! You'll also get a big update on Drakes new home in Toronto and a look at all the finances of the richest women in the music biz. We'll tell you what women are making the most $$$ in music right now and how (take notes!) Plus one of your favourite songs, has just been decoded and we're going to give you the INSANE lyric by lyric details. We're flipping out out at what the hidden meaning behind this song is...and we know you will too. Is there something you want to hear us talk about on the podcast? A celebrity question or comment?! Email us any and all the time at icymip@gmail.com 
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