35 minutes | Jun 30, 2019

Episode 12.5: We Found The Babadook's Hat

This week we're excited about two new music videos AND two new movie reboots!!!We're also celebrating Khloe Kardashian's 35th birthday! But we have some very important questions about her party and her sister Kim's new kontroversial business ventures... Jeunesse talks about some weird stuff she saw in the city and thankfully, Joanne has some interesting answers to end her confusion. She also has a really great pasta salad recipe for you! She'll share it with you in this episode, but here it is for reference: Joanne's Colourful Go To BBQ Pasta Salad This salad recipe comes with a promise of lots of colour, spice and freshness! Ingredients: Rotini Pasta (Jo likes the colourful one with the spinach & tomato flavors)Marinated artichoke heartsSundried tomatoesChick peas Cucumber, Pepperoncini peppersFrozen Peas Sometimes she adds salami or bocconcini cheese Dressing: Olive oil, Apple cider vinegar, salt & pepper Directions: Cook up your pasta and then put it in an ice bath to cool it down.Chop ingredients, add and mix with chilled pasta. Mix ingredients for the dressing to taste. Add in. Enjoy! 
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