35 minutes | Apr 23, 2021

Episode 119: In AWE of Nichole "Nicki" Burton Creator Series

At the age of five, Kincs by Nicki, Founder and Designer Nichole “Nicki” Burton began her journey as an artist. A Columbus, Ohio native; Burton is a self-taught artist and designer who has turned her passion for drawing and painting into a sustainable enterprise. Burton’s creative instinct propels her to experiment with color and texture, producing a signature style that has evolved into a vibrant brand of wearable art that is far from ordinary. Burton’s process for creating new pieces manifests in the forms of dreams. “No pencil or stencil. It is all in my head.” It is no wonder that Nichole’s statement-making jewelry and clothing reflects the city that she inhabits and works in which is bedecked in culturally significance and imaginative representation. Over the course of her successful 20+-year career, Nichole has collaborated with designers, photographers, stylists, make-up artists and activists to highlight, enlighten and educate the significance and relevance of African-American art. Nichole currently operates a mobile art studio that turns any location into an art studio in minutes, and now offers online services to support others in their creative pursuits. She is author of bestselling, Eye Level is Buy Level: The Power and Success of a Dope Landscape. She currently resides in Columbus, Ohio with her husband, three adult children and one grandchild. In this episode, we discuss: Nichole’s experience shifting through the challenges for creators brought on by the pandemic The awesome services she now offers to a wider audience and Why she chose to write and publish a book in the last year as well as insight into her creative process Any time I interact with Nichole, I feel inspired by her creativity as well as her ability to reach those who need her insights. I am deeply honored that she would join me again on the show to share her experiences and wisdom with us, and I am so excited that her gifts are more accessible to us all now that her hosting has moved online. I have linked her website, so don’t forget to check it out because I know you are going to want to purchase her original art and work with her to create your own friends. It is with great joy I bring you Nichole Burton’s Creator story. Connect with Nichole: Nicki's Website: Kincs By Nicki Kincs By Nicki on Facebook Kincs By Nicki on Instagram Eye Level is Buy Level: The Power and Success of a Dope Tablescape Review the Podcast The ranking of this show is 100% tied to subscriptions and reviews. You can help amplify more women and reach more who need their messages by subscribing to the show and leaving an honest rating and review on your favorite podcast platform. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/inawepodcast/message
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