41 minutes | Apr 16, 2021

Episode 118: In AWE of Lindsay May--Creator Series

Lindsay is the founder of The Truly Co and publisher of Truly magazine, a print publication that shares the truth of the Gospel, encouragement, and faith stories. She is a speaker, teacher, and writer and holds a Master's degree in Strategic Leadership. Based in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, she is passionate about her family and enjoying the beautiful little moments of life. In this episode, we discuss: Lindsay’s journey through self-doubt as she developed her understanding and confidence to consider her ability to lead a ministry outside of a titled role in a church The incredible way she is able to use her experiences in business and background to develop The Truly Co And her passion for creating and dreaming new ways to serve the mission of The Truly Co I loved listening to Lindsay make all sorts of beautiful connections to the way she has been specifically gifted to create the concept of The Truly Co and the work that she and her team are doing to amplify women’s voices through their ministry. I know her story has a mission in it for you, friends, and I cannot wait for you to hear all about Lindsay May’s Creator Story. Connect with Lindsay: The Truly Co Website The Truly Co on Instagram Sarah Johnson: Sarah's Website Sarah on Twitter Sarah on IG Sarah on LinkdIN Sarah on Facebook In AWE Podcast Subscribe to the Podcast Need a high-energy, authentic presenter for your organization? Contact Sarah Johnson for presentations on Going Beyond Balance, Leadership Foundations, Affirming Purpose, and many more. Review the Podcast The ranking of this show is 100% tied to subscriptions and reviews. You can help amplify more women and reach more who need their messages by subscribing to the show and leaving an honest rating and review on your favorite podcast platform. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/inawepodcast/message
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