22 minutes | Mar 7, 2021

Order from chaos: The role of leadership | MSF Conference 2021

In this talk from last month's MSF conference, Fiona Lali - lead organiser of the MSF - discusses need for leadership in our present-day struggles, and why we should look to the ideas of Lenin and Trotsky as inspiration. With mass movements taking hold in every corner of the world, it has become clear that the masses possess plenty of energy and initiative. But spontaneous outbursts of anger are only one side of the equation: without a conscious, far-sighted leadership, movements will ebb, enter into decline and be defeated. But how do we build such a leadership? And what should it be based on? The rich history and traditions of Bolshevism offer us a wealth of lessons in how to build a revolutionary leadership, capable of winning over the masses. Join - www.socialist.net/join Donate - www.socialist.net/donate Subscribe - www.socialist.net/subscribe Follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Soundcloud: Facebook - www.facebook.com/SocialistAppeal YouTube - www.youtube.com/c/SocialistNet1917​ Twitter - www.twitter.com/socialist_app Podcast - @socialist-appeal
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