75 minutes | Sep 24th 2020

Yoshimi Battles Her Blood Red Classmates: Battle Royale (Japan, 2000)

Could you kill your best friend? What would you say if a cruel, repressive regime forced you into a bloody deathmatch with your classmates? This week, the gang slashes through cult favorite "Battle Royale," a dense gorefest about the raw horrors of adulthood and authoritarianism. Also, who would you rather be your sidekick in a battle royale?

Motion Picture Terror Scale: 4 (Marcus) / 1 (Melissa) / 3 (Grady). Quality: 5 / 4 / 4. Enjoyment: 4 / 4 / 5

Articles mentioned in this episode: 

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"How 'Battle Royale' Became a Cult Hit and Capitalized on 'The Hunger Games'" by Steve Erickson in The Atlantic

"The Real Hunger Games: “Battle Royale”" by Joshua Rothman in The New Yorker

"The New Cult Canon: Battle Royaleby Scott Tobias in the AV Club

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