63 minutes | Dec 10th 2020

Creepy Vintage Couture: The Woman In Black (United Kingdom, Canada, USA & Sweden, 2012)

In 1906, a young lawyer with spectacular mutton chops travels to rural England to put a creepy old house up for sale. Guess what? It's haunted by the most famous television specter in British history. Also, what horror villain would you rather see invade a cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie?

Motion Picture Terror Scale: 3 (Marcus) / 4 - (Melissa) / 3 (Grady). Quality: 4 / 5 / 4 Enjoyment: 4 / 5 / 4 Triggers: Suicide

Articles mentioned in this episode:

"The Woman In Black: why did Britain's scariest horror film disappear?" by Andrew Male in The Guardian

"Daniel Radcliffe interview: The Woman In Black, Hammer, the British film industry and Harry Potter," by Louisa Mellor in Den of Geek

"Interview: Daniel Radcliffe On 'The Woman in Black' & Post-Harry Potter Work," by Ben Moore in Screen Rant

"The Woman in Black (1989) - "that" scene" on YouTube

"The Woman in Black (2012) - opening scene" on YouTube. Play this one on mute while playing

"Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb" on YouTube, beginning at 3:14

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