85 minutes | Aug 27th 2020

A Tale of Two Lovecrafts: The Color Out of Space (Germany, 2010) & Color Out of Space (USA, Malaysia & Portugal, 2019)

One is understated, unnerving and grayscaled. The other has Nic Cage. Dueling adaptations of H.P. Lovecraft's short story leave the gang locked in debate over magenta hues, alpacas and the triumphant return of the "Cagenerator."

German version:

Motion Picture Terror Scale: 3 (Marcus) / 3+ (Melissa) / 2 (Grady). Quality: 4/4/4+ Enjoyment: 4/5/3

American version:

MPTS: 4/1/2 Quality: 4/4/3+ Enjoyment: 5 (Marcus) / 1 (sober Melissa) / 3 (drunk Melissa) / 3 (Grady)

Articles mentioned in this episode:

"The Colour out of Space" by H.P. Lovecraft

"Hollywood Has a Lovecraft Problem," by Tom Reimann in Collider

"Gods, Monsters and H.P. Lovecraft’s Uncanny Legacy," by Alexis Soloski in The New York Times

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