17 minutes | Sep 16th 2020

Can’t You Just Believe?

Sometimes, you just need to BELIEVE.  Believing is creating.  And, if you want to re-wire your reality to be better, more what you for, what you dream of.. it all starts there!

In truth, that whole idea.. is a but easier said than done.  Yet, like anything.. with a little training of oneself, you can get there..  Sometimes, like learning any new skill we need a little more support to get there.. a buddy a co-creator, someone to remind us of who you are..  Someone to shed the light.  Sometimes, maybe I can kickstart that for you.  Maybe sometimes you’ll get there on your own.  Yet, getting there.. is the point..

Without believing in something it simply doesn’t exist!
You cannot manifest what you don’t know and believe exists.

And, you don’t see what is there, what exists.. when you are stuck in a downward spiral or pattern that does not energize you, your relationship and your family. It’s too easy to keep repeating the same thing over and over again.. creating a groove that is hard to get OUT of.  Then, you end up in the life you DON’T want.. and you lose sight of the one you DO!

This week, I reflect on all this and give you a small
I think of you and I sitting outside, having a chat. 
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Keep safe!  Make decisions you’ll feel good about, over time.

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