23 minutes | Apr 15th 2021

Myths and Truths About Procrastinating Teens

Procrastination is a natural human habit and tendency, but you don't have to be its slave. 5 Myths About Procrastinating TeensMyth #1 My Teen is Lazy. Myth #2 Procrastination is a Character FlawMyth #3 Procrastination Will Ruin My Teen's Life Myth #4 My Teen will ALWAYS Be a ProcrastinatorMyth #5 Procrastination is a HUGE Problem5 Truths About Procrastinating TeensTruth #1 Procrastination is Part of Being HumanTruth #2 Your Teen Can Learn How to Stop ProcrastinatingTruth #3 Your Teen Can Procrastinate and Still Be SuccessfulTruth #4 There Could be Countless Reasons Why Your Teen ProcrastinatesTruth #5 Procrastination is Simply a Coping Tool, Often with BenefitsWhat Your Teen Will Learn in this Masterclass!How to separate facts from thoughtsThoughts like "I'm not smart enough," or "I can't do this" will hold you back in your efforts. Facts like "Test on Thursday," are manageable when we are in control of our thoughts. Managing emotionsIt's okay to feel overwhelmed and bored when you understand how to process them. Emotions are less unpleasant when we manage them. Our emotions don't manage us when we manage them. How to create homework protocolsCreate a simple plan for the time between school and bed. This plan will empower you to both get things done and do the things you want. This will empower you for doing hard things as an adult. How to motivate yourselfNo one can motivate you but YOU!What you choose to think and believe will create your motivation or lack of motivation. What to do when you've fallen off the wagonToo many times when we fall off the wagon, we choose to give up. There are ways to use past mistakes to empower you. It's never too late to get back in the driver's seat. Call to ACTION!Join Joey Mascio and me on a Lead Your Life Masterclass Q&A call.Lead Your Life Masterclass Info
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