29 minutes | Dec 31st 2020

How to Shift your Mindset: Goal Setting

3 Simple Mindset ShiftsDesire vs ShameInstead of letting shame drive your goals, try harnessing the power of desire. Instead of, "I need," or "I should," try . . ."I WANT TO . . . !""I want to stop yelling at my teen.""I want to appreciate my teen."Can you feel the difference?Rather than doing it out of shame, you're doing it for you, out of desire. When it comes to your goals or resolutions, drop the shame. Do it out of love. Do it out of desire for who you want to be.This will be a powerful example for your teens. This will also help you change your mindset around what you and your teen "need" to do versus what you "want" them or you to do. This will help you drop the shame when parenting.Who You Are vs What You DoWho we are determines what we do. Focus on who you are or who you want to become. Instead of focusing on what needs to be done, explore who you must be to do those things. This will help you parent with a new perspective. Rather than focusing on what you've done "wrong," you can focus on who you've become. Rather than focusing on your teen's actions, you can better focus on who they are and who they are becoming. Who you are is the driving force behind what you do.  Be the person that you want to be.Achieve more in 2021 by doing LESS!Seems like everyone has a list of things that they want to do in the upcoming year.There's one problem . . .  So, rather than focusing on all the new things that you want to do in 2021, rather than coming up with a list of "To Do's" try identifying the things that you want to stop doing this year. What are some areas that take up the most time, energy, resources or money? What if you stopped eating out? How much money, time, and health would that save you?Our time, energy, and resources are limited. When we try to achieve more by doing more, it often puts stress on one of those areas. When we start freeing up time, energy, and resources, it empowers you to double your focus on the areas of your life that are most important. Try it out this year. Here's some ideas that I've done less of in the past:Stop arguing with others.I was able to save time and feel better towards others. Stop focusing on the negative/problems/obstacles.This helped me be happier, empowered, and find the opportunities and the positives in the midst of the negative. Call to ACTION!Join my Parenting MembershipI'm joining forces with 3 other coaches to offer you the BEST parenting membership EVER!The Doors Are Open! Become a Member of Firmly Founded Parents!Do you want to become confident in your parenting?Are you ready to stop power struggling with your teenager?Do you just want help and support from other parents just like you?Are you ready to build a rock-solid relationship with your teen?You can achieve all of this and more by becoming a member of Firmly Founded Parents!You'll get:🔥 Exclusive trainings for parenting teens in 2021📅2 LIVE Zoom Calls throughout the month with or certified coaches🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Unlimited access to our community of like-minded parents🏆 2 coaching sessions/month with our expert coaches🎯 Learn ways to have a powerful impact on your teen's life😎 Build unshakable confidence in yourself as a parent🏗️ Build a rock-solid relationship with your teen📚 Access to our growing library of resources🤯 ONLY $97 A MONTH! 🤯Become a Member TODAY!
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