29 minutes | May 19th 2020

60: Aneesh Varma of Aire - A More Informed Credit Assessment

Aneesh Varma is the founder of Aire, a new credit assessment service that considers both previous and future credit information to help lenders make more informed decisions and allow people the credit they deserve.
Highlights:-Turning personal hardships into entrepreneurial solutions-Aire is beneficial to both lenders and consumers-Going direct to the customer to obtain reliable information and create a holistic profile-Allowing consumers to access credit while avoiding debt-The importance of instilling company values from day one-Ensuring investors understand the company vision to ensure compatible working relationships
Time stamp:[02:00] Aneesh's personal journey[03:50] Updating the “ecosystem software” in relation to expectation[07:30] Aire helps both the lender and consumer by recognising financial distress very early on[10:10] Aneesh’s want to build a company with purpose[12:55] The ‘Book of Bonsai’[14:30] The lessons Aneesh has learned along the way[19:15] Preparing for the long term and adapting throughout company growth[20:35] Working relationships with investors[24:00] Collaboration vs competition[26:10] Aire in 10 years time

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