26 minutes | May 12th 2020

59: Jonathan Petrides of Allplants - Plant based meals delivered to your door

Jonathan Petrides is the co-founder of Allplants, an exciting company that produce and deliver delicious, healthy and 100% plant based meals straight to your door.

  • Food is driven by pleasure and therefore, must be exciting
  • Changing negative attitudes towards the plant based diet by creating delicious food
  • Establishing transparent plant based branding from day one to send a direct message
  • Inspiring the ‘plant-curious’ target market to positively change the impact we have on our environment
  • The importance of direct chef to customer relationships in aiding constructive feedback and product improvement
  • JP’s mission to see everyone, globally, eating a plant based diet by 2030

Time stamp:[01:47] An introduction to Allplants[04:00] JP’s personal journey and his previous inspiring projects[07:25] Recognition of JP’s passion for building ventures from scratch[09:30] Where did the idea for Allplants come from?[11:30] Plant based vs vegan[12:50] The environmental and personal benefits of a plant based diet[15:20] Things to consider when setting up a business and knowing when to ask for expert help[19:10] Supermarkets are vital to the success of household food brands[20:15] The expansion of Allplants and exciting new projects[22:45] JP’s goals for the future of Allplants, the planet and humankind 

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