60 minutes | Jun 28, 2019

S01, Ep. 35 - Feedback: beyond negative connotations (with Raf Baron)

"Feedback is one of your best tools to meet your goals. Whether in business, leadership, or your personal life.  Skillfully used, feedback becomes as an inexpensive and highly effective way to invest in your people. It drives engagement, strong team retention, and constant growth. When it’s handled poorly, feedback becomes your biggest danger. Emotions run high. People take everything personally. Nothing gets done. What was meant to be a source of improvement and engagement is now is a source of tension, frustration and often anxiety. The future belongs to coach-like managers, who focus on people development." These are the words of today's guest, Raf Baron "The F-word Coach". In our conversation, we covered topics like Servant leadership, Self-awareness (also in relationship with children), how to catch yourself and control yourself from exploding (by observing the patterns your body sends before it happens), lack of sleep and its effects, patience, the importance of explaining vs “do it because I said so” – from childhood to management. You can connect to Raf by following the below links: His website (http://feedbackcoach.co.uk) & LinkedIn profile (linkedin.com/in/raf-baron) or you can send him an email to Raf@Feedbackcoach.co.uk. Thanks for tuning in! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/impact-by-choice/message
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