28 minutes | Oct 23rd 2019

Receiving Checks from The Government, With Paul Castillo

Paul Castillo, from Utah, is a Successful Student who started his journey with no real estate experience and began doing “fixer—uppers” early on. He then discovered Ted’s program and started investing in Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Defaulted Properties. Listen to the first part, of this two-part podcast to discover how Paul got started with Over the Counter (OTC) tax liens, leading into investing in Tax Defaulted properties in Washington state ONLINE FROM HOME.   What You Will Learn: Meet Paul Castillo How Successful Student Paul Castillo started with zero real estate experience. How Paul did “fixer-upper” properties before investing in Tax Liens and Tax Deeds. Paul Castillo did majority of his work ONLINE, FROM HOME. How discovering Ted Thomas program changed his life. Paul’s journey with tax lien certificates and tax defaulted properties.   Resources from Ted Thomas: Website: tedthomas.com Website: tedthomaspodcast.com Email: info@tedthomas.com
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