28 minutes | Aug 21st 2019

Navigating the Tax Code and Saving Money, with Craig Cody

Craig Cody is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Tax Coach, Business Owner and Former New York City Police Officer with 17 years experience on the force. As a Certified Tax Coach, Craig belongs to a select group of tax practitioners throughout the country who undergo extensive training and continued education on various tax planning techniques and strategies to become and remain certified. Craig has just written his third book: “The 12 Biggest Tax Mistakes That Cost Dentists Thousands”.

What You Will Learn:

  • The importance of establishing what type of business entity you are running to ensure you’re keeping more of your money
  • Overlooked tax deductions you can leverage to save even more of your money
  • How you can hire your family (including your kids!) and what to do with the money they’ll make
  • What qualified business income is and how to use it to write off an additional 20% of your income
  • My personal story of the trouble I had with the IRS and how I handled it
  • What Craig can do for you and how he does it
  • Features of proper CPA-business owner relationships

Resources from Ted Thomas:

Resources from Craig Cody:

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