38 minutes | Sep 11th 2019

Dynasty Building and Financial Freedom, with Molly Grubb

Molly Grubb is the founder of Grubb Wealth, a premier personal CFO firm that helps business owners free up their resources so they can build their dynasty. Grubb Wealth is designed to help business owners realize their purpose and scale their businesses using very targeted and proprietary methods to optimize results.

Mollys is working toward her goal of helping 10,000 business owners gain more control over their personal and professional lives. She has been a featured speaker and presenter at many professional organizations and business groups. Molly is an author of Build Your Dynasty, a book catered to freeing up wealth within a business.

When Molly is not busy connecting with her audiences and serving clients, she loves spending time with her large family. She is a die-hard Buckeye fan. Molly is also a cycling enthusiast leading her group of almost 400 fellow cyclists called Chicks Gone Cycling.

What You Will Learn:

  • What Molly learned about building dynasties when her family lost everything
  • How being a woman has impacted Molly’s journey into the CFO consulting world
  • The things Molly can do for you to help build your dynasty and save yourself time
  • Why women need to give themselves permission to be successful
  • Why your business is a “mirror to your soul” and what that means
  • The importance of making sacrifices to find true happiness for yourself
  • Molly’s best advice for being strong and running a business when adversity strikes

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