42 minutes | Sep 4th 2019

Data-Driven Wealth Building, with Kemener Whalen

Kemener Whalen, CFO at BlackRock Construction, uses his passion, energy, and analytical mindset to bring tremendous value to people, projects, and companies on a daily basis. He particularly enjoys helping people recognize and achieve their true potential. Kemener’s experiences in commercial finance, collaboratively working to grow and manage a nearly $100 million portfolio, serve as a tremendous asset for both investors and investments.

Kemener lives in Essex, Vermont with his beautiful wife, daughter, and son. When not furthering the vision of BlackRock Construction, he spends time with his family and enjoys picturesque Lake Champlain.

What You Will Learn:

  • Important things Kemener has done and learned to help BlackRock become one of the U.S.’s fastest growing companies
  • Leveraging market scarcity to your advantage and how low competition can benefit your business
  • Being rich versus being wealthy and Kemener’s views on wealth building
  • How Kemener matches and targets his investors to ensure they are getting exactly what they want out of their investments
  • Utilizing capital and cash to invest in and construct properties
  • The challenges of permitting in a small state
  • Kemener’s investment philosophy and how it benefits him
  • BlackRock’s value proposition and best practices for bringing value to its customers

Resources from Kemener Whalen:

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