53 minutes | Aug 7th 2019

Buy Low, Sell Low, Get Out and Be Happy, with Doug Pereyda and Alma Elizalde

Doug Pereyda started his career as a Silicon Valley engineer, transitioning from aerospace (Lockheed) to major Internet companies (PayPal, Netflix) as the region redefined itself through rapid change and growth. Doug received his real estate brokerage license in 2003 after his role as Executive Vice President, Chief Technology & Information Officer at LoanCity, Inc. ($7B in annual production) and began investing in single and multi-family real estate, mainly in the Southeast portion of the USA.

He currently owns a 73-unit apartment complex in Warner Robins, GA, and has invested in many other multifamily projects while finishing up his Silicon Valley executive career, which spans over three decades. Two years ago, Doug transitioned to real estate investing full time and continues to grow his diverse holdings in real estate through multiple investment channels.

Doug has enjoyed teaching students as a guest lecturer at Santa Clara University where he obtained his MBA in 1993 and has served on the MBA Alumni Board at the University. He is also a private pilot and the chairman of a private foundation that supports disadvantaged youth.

Alma Elizalde started her career as a retail store manager for AT&T Wireless more than two decades ago, transitioning from retail to healthcare in the pharmaceutical industry (Reliant, Alcon and Amarin). Alma received her real estate experience as CEO of Aidwithhouses LLC, where she conducted multiple real estate transactions in the Bay Area averaging returns of $75K on flips and 16% cash on leased properties.  Alma has also successfully been a note investor with 100% return in less than a year in the Bay Area.

Alma is passively invested in multi-family deals in the Dallas Fort-Worth area and has retained a duplex in the Bay Area after selling off her other rental properties. She has a network of physicians in the Bay Area as part of her passive investor team. 

Alma enjoys running, spinning, gardening, singing and reading. She has completed four Aids Foundation marathons, raising an average of $4K each.  She is a monthly contributor to Bay Area Rescue Mission, Children International and Christ the Light Cathedral.

What You Will Learn About:

  • The benefits of tax liens and deeds for buying and selling properties quickly
  • The quick and dirty bonuses of buying low, selling low, and getting out of a property as soon as you can
  • How Doug has handled bad investments and course-corrected when things haven’t gone his way 
  • Alma and Doug’s most important lessons for aspiring investors regarding flipping, managing risk, and more
  • Why you should ALWAYS go and see the property before making any decisions about it
  • The differences between online and in-person auctions for property
  • Stories on determining your asking price, minimum, and maximum offers
  • Maintaining discipline to avoid overbidding on properties

Resources from Ted Thomas:

Resources from Doug and Alma:

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