56 minutes | Feb 16th 2021

The Arts and Non-Profit World w/ Bryce Lord

This week, the gang survives two run-in's before welcoming Bryce Lord, from the Helen Bader Institute for Non-Profit Management, for a conversation on the role of arts and culture organizations in the broader non-profit landscape in Milwaukee and beyond.Mac and David welcome Lindsay to the gang and a special someone drops by to wish Mac a happy birthday (00:17), Bryce joins and shares his origin story (9:25), Taking stock of arts organizations in the context of the non-profit world and measuring impact (17:51), Technology and the arts coming out of the pandemic (30:25), What makes Milwaukee unique and exciting (44:59), Arts and Culture Czar reign (47:34), Outro Easter Egg and shout out to Dan (55:18)Listen and subscribe: Non-Profits and Java Audio Transitions: "Green Eggs and Ham," Wes TankEphemeraThe Journey of Natty GannBarry Horowitz wishes Mac a happy birthday and shouts out Milwaukee and the BucksBarry Horowitz: The Greatest Jobber in WWE History
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