63 minutes | Mar 30th 2021

Making an NFT w/ David Najib Kasir

This week, we start off with Lindsay’s new piano variations on the tropical house beats, David (Lee’s) invitation to audition for a reality TV show, Mac asking Lindsay and David to interpret his dream, and the Bloomberg article about The New York Times NFT. David Najib Kasir (and the only David reference in the rest of this paragraph, not to be confused with David Lee) joins the podcast at 14:27. Reconnecting after a year and sharing some love for the Bulls; going to see the Bisa Butler exhibit at Art Institute of Chicago (19:24); David’s work and how it helps change the narrative for Arabs (23:29); how David has dealt with the last year (28:43); going to the studio every day during the pandemic (33:50); David’s sculpture-turned-NFT made at our last in-person work group meeting (36:00); David’s take on NFT’s (41:30); and what would help make Milwaukee better for artists to create? (50:14) David Najib Kasir: Instagram, Website Music Transitions: “Tropical House Variations,” Lindsay Sheridan E2 Ephemera Beeple’s $69 Million JPEG (Planet Money) Bisa Butler (Chicago Institute of Art)  David Park  The Ratio of Percents in Ghosts  (David Najib Kasir) Epstein Was Murdered (Rarible) NFTs Are a Pyramid Scheme (FStoppers) NFTs (SNL) 
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