68 minutes | Jan 26th 2021

Getting On the National Stage w/ Samer Ghani and Gabe Yeager

This week the gang keeps its run of returning guests going with Gabe Yeager from Downtown BID #21 and Milwaukee-based photographer Samer Ghani to talk about all of the work done to highlight Milwaukee - and our City's arts, culture, and civic pride - as part of the National COVID-19 Memorial and the inauguration events last week. Mac and David take on Bernie mittens (00:43); Mac's experience hosting Ex Fabula's Re-Imagining Milwaukee online event (3:40); Samer and Gabe join to chat about arts and culture's role in highlighting our City during national moments of reflection (14:37); That time last week when Rachael Maddow's producers slid into Samer's DM (23:50); No longer content with being the underdog (26:36); The role of arts and culture in institutional life (32:59); Don't Hibernate, Celebrate Safely and MKE It Local Winter Activations (45:14); How does Milwaukee unify in 2021? (55:02). Samer Ghani: Web | Instagram Gabe Yeager: Downtown BID #21 | Massimals! | MKE It Local | Road of DemocracyAudio Transitions: "Milwaukee Strong," featuring the Milwaukee All StarsS210 EphemeraLight the HoanSamer's IG story with video from MSNBCBango in the Parade Across America"Pursuing the Vision," Tia Richardson, Parade Across America 
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