60 minutes | Mar 23rd 2021

Building New Realities w/ Brianna Hernández Baurichter

This week, we welcome Brianna Lynn Hernández Baurichter, a Chicana artist, curator, and educator whose background includes experience working in community organizations, gallery, museum, and higher education settings, and as a consultant with public health researchers. Brianna is also currently the Director of Cultural Transformation at the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network. In the intro, the NFT exploration continues with the actual minting of the photo of David Najib Kasir’s fidget toy sculpture. You can bid on it on Rarible now, and we have a lot to share about what we’ve learned about Ether. We also share an article about the Netflix documentary “Made You Look,” which talks about the sale of a fake Rothko and how we place value on art. To wrap it up, the crew reflects Lindsay reflects on some arts and culture spaces that have felt most like home to them. At 19:45, Brianna joins: being influenced by the work of Guillermo Gómez-Peña’s The New World Order; work that has exemplified the spirit of proclaiming mixed identity (22:55); how audiences interact with her large-scale work personally (25:50); creating work that helps enter into conversations around death and end-of-life care (30:20); building new realities through hybridity in identity and art (33:30); Brianna’s experience of telling story of her role as a caregiver and helping other grievers express what is not normally expressed (35:22);  Brianna’s work as a consultant with public health researchers and using arts as a tool for healing from emotional trauma (40:00); navigating differences between the arts and health (41:45); how Brianna combines her work as an artist and consultant with her role as Director of Cultural Transformation at MARN (44:53); how different parts of the system affect each other (48:00); what's keeping our arts and culture sector from achieving greater equity for Milwaukee? (50:45); Brianna is the Czar (55:00). Learn more about Brianna on her website or Instagram.  Music Transitions: “Caroline’s,” by Amanda Huff E2 E18 Ephemera Epstein was Murdered NFT on Rarible  “The Art World Has Bigger Enemies Than Forgers” (Defector)  
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