20 minutes | Dec 2, 2020

Iain McGilchrist on spaciousness, Wordsworth and the soul

Iain McGilchrist is writer, lecturer and former Consultant Psychiatrist. He is committed to the idea that the whole of our physical and spiritual existence and wider human culture helps to mould, and in turn is moulded by, our minds and brains. His latest work, The Matter With Things, a book of epistemology and metaphysics, will be published by Penguin/Random House. You can read written pieces by Iain and watch videos of him on Channel McGilchrist.Imaginal Inspirations is hosted by David Lorimer, Programme Director of the Scientific and Medical Network and Chair of the Galileo Commission, an academic movement dedicated to expanding the evidence base of a science of consciousness. www.scimednet.orgwww.galileocommission.orgwww.mysticsandscientists.orgwww.beyondthebrain.orgWorks mentioned:Against Criticism, Iain McGilchristMaster and His Emissary, Iain McGilchristLines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey, William WordsworthAwakenings, Oliver SacksAn Introduction to Mathematics, A N WhiteheadThe Two Hands of God: The Myths of Polarity, Alan WattsPrinciples of Pyschopathology, J CuttingA Pluralistic Universe, William JamesCreative Mind, Ernest HolmesHistory of Western Philosophy, Bertrand RussellProduction: Charlotte LorimerArtwork: Amber HaasMusic: Mary McDougall
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