82 minutes | May 26, 2021

BRONZE AGE PANSIES with james from tokyo

Nefarious poster James From Tokyo and Chi Chi gather in an act of real male camaraderie to do the impossible and transcend irony... reading Bronze Age Pervert and BRONZE AGE MINDSET without political eye or apology. We find the answer: revealing the lie of heterosexual Nietzschean greatness. Deriving pleasure from self satisfaction, art and penises. Revealing the true joy of ancient Grecian philosophy. Burning down the alluring curtain of bad Mishima takes in a trash fire on the Caribbean shores. Richard Wagner. Shitposting. REAL EMOTION: What can I do for you...? Follow James on Twitter: twitter.com/JamesFromTokyo And my eternal goddess + Twin Peaks Log Lady, Amina: twitter.com/TheAminaBanks As well as the I'm So Popular podcast: twitter.com/imsopopularpod impopular.me (S2.E16)
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