101 minutes | Jun 23, 2021

AN ARMY OF LOVERS MUST NOT DIE with harry tafoya

Writer and art critic in exile Harry Tafoya joins to find a new way through discussion on Larry Kramer’s seminal 1978 masterpiece FAGGOTS and his 2005 speech, THE TRAGEDY OF TODAY’S GAYS, in the continuation of Chi Chi’s Pride trilogy. Silence = Death. Scraping narrative from podcasts, mourning the chance to lip-sync, coming close to tears from the blinding light of a dead gay star, moral sexuality, feeling something, Red Scare, Nancy Pelosi and the potential alchemy of a trans party girl into society’s last cry for heart. No more Fire Island. No gay people. Nothing But Queer Theory. Zach drinks whiskey and coke. Conversations whirl into the mirror of Twitter micro celebrities — does it mean anything? How can I tell the world more about blowjobs?? Can anyone hear me?? I blame myself. Larry Kramer’s final, unfinished play… Follow Harry on Instagram since he deletes his Twitter so often: instagram.com/gaykatemoss And as usual, the I’M SO POPULAR podcast on Twitter: twitter.com/imsopopular impopular.me (S2.E20)
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