61 minutes | Mar 11, 2021

IAA 46: I'm Anxious About Closets

We know what you're thinking... "you're anxious about closets, really, guys?" Well, we won't deny that it's ridiculous (especially Allison's fear of literal closet demons -- don't let a 9-year-old watch whatever horror movies they want, or this is what you'll get), but we will say that we think this episode is a lot of fun and goes to surprisingly deep places at times.   Chris & Allison discuss their non-metaphorical relationships with their closets, touching upon topics such as body image, self-identity, minimalism, organization, spending, and yes, actual demons.   You can find our transcript and show notes for the episode here: https://imanxiousabout.com/anxious-about-closets/   If you enjoyed this episode, please join us over on our Facebook group, We're Anxious About, or share it with a friend who you think will enjoy our show. Theme music: "I'm Not Nervous" by Square People, used under a CC BY 3.0 license, via the Free Music Archive
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