66 minutes | Mar 4, 2021

IAA 45: I'm Anxious About Change

By now, you've probably realized that Chris & Allison can never resist any chance to get a little meta, and this episode is no exception. In this episode, Allison discusses her recent big change of moving back to the United States and the many identity crises that present along with it.   Chris & Allison speak at length about the relationship between anxiety and change, particularly how we tend to ruminate on change for a long time before finally feeling secure to make it, and how we cope when change we weren't expecting is thrown our way. It's a little heavier than usual, but Allison's jet lag means things never veer too serious.   For the transcript, show notes, and other information, find it all here: https://imanxiousabout.com/anxious-about-change/   If you enjoyed this episode, please join us over on our Facebook group, We're Anxious About, or share it with a friend who you think will enjoy our show. Theme music: "I'm Not Nervous" by Square People, used under a CC BY 3.0 license, via the Free Music Archive
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