68 minutes | Oct 7th 2020

Meet Laurie

Laurie Edmundson is a mental health advocate and public speaker who uses her lived experience with borderline personality disorder, anxiety, and other mental health challenges to advocate for change in the health care system, encourage better treatment of people who live with mental health challenges throughout society, and to support those who are struggling. You can find her on Instagram @laurieanned and her Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skill of the Day series on her IGTV (@laurieanned)

As always, please follow Stay Alive Inc. @abrandforthebroken on IG and at our website stayaliveinc.org

You can also find Sara on Instagram @saraswellnessway and schedule with her through her Holistic Health and Wellness coaching at https://www.thewellnesswayllc.com/

If you struggle with anxiety and are looking for management strategies, Sara wrote the Anxious to Abundance mini-course on exactly this. You can find this at:

Please utilize your national mental health resources if you are in need: 

National Prevention Suicide Lifeline - 1-800-273-8255 
The Crisis Text Line - text HOME to 741741
National Drug/Substance Abuse Hotline - 1-844-289-0879