56 minutes | Feb 15, 2017

Building Entrepreneurial Relationships for Business Success

Divya Parekh, Global Business Relationship and Leadership Coach, Speaker and #1 Best Selling Author, joins us on this episode of “Illuminating Feng Shui” to discuss building entrepreneurial relationships for business success. Divya heads The DP Coaching Group, which helps entrepreneurs, leaders, and achievers, by coaching them to achieve their personal and professional goals with laser focus, unstoppable confidence, and resonant relationships. She is also co-author of an international Amazon best-selling book “The Voyage to Your Vision” and has authored books on Emotional Intelligence, Critical-Thinking, Leadership, and Influence. Divya will share why relationships are so important to an entrepreneur’s success and who to build these relationships with. Kathleen will weave in her Feng Shui, Astrology and Auspicious Timing expertise to reveal the most beneficial and helpful relationship pairings based on the Chinese zodiac for 2017.
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