114 minutes | Jul 9th 2019

IDTT Wine 469: Mimi Casteel Thinks Your Sustainability Sucks. Try Again.

Mimi Casteel is the owner of the Hope Well Vineyard, in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.Her family owns the Bethel Heights Vineyard, also in Oregon. Mimi takes on issues like land use, agricultural practice, and vineyard work in this interview, stressing the importance of a connection with nature. She argues against reductionist approaches in the vineyard, and against a goal of species elimination. She also explains how she has worked to combat phylloxera through ecology. Mimi discusses her larger worldview when making several of these points, which is that complexity equates with security in the natural world. And she delivers a warning about the difficulties that already affect our world, and which she feels may be catastrophic in the future. Topics like oxidation, reduction, and minerality in wine are also discussed within this episode.
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