58 minutes | Apr 29th 2020

IIBEC Town Hall "The Construction Industry & COVID-19"

IIBEC's COVID-19 Resources page: https://iibec.org/iibec-members-covid-19/

Watch the video of this podcast here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPj4I4_FZjQ&t=11s

On this podcast: 

IIBEC CEO and EVP Brian Pallasch 

IIBEC President Scott Hinesley

IIBEC 1st Vice President Ted Sheridan 

Stephen Safran of Safran Law Offices (https://www.safranlaw.com/)

Paul Miller of Miller Weinhold Capitol Strategies, LLC (https://www.mwcapitol.com/)

As always, find us online at https://iibec.org/

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