38 minutes | Jan 30, 2018

#22: No story no glory, with Bo Eason

On this episode, we hear from a tough guy who’s not afraid to get tender with a personal story: speaker, actor and former NFL standout Bo Eason. What’s the greatest story never told? For most advisors, it’s their own. Since the beginning of time, stories have been used to lead nations, to move armies and to connect with others. There is nothing more powerful in a sales presentation than a good story. Countless studies have proved that a human’s recollection and comprehension of information increases greatly when associated with a story. For many of your clients, the stories you tell will be what you are remembered for most. On this episode, Bo gives amazing advice on how to tell your story. His NFL career culminated in four seasons with the Houston Oilers and a brief stint with the San Francisco 49ers. Yet when he talks about his career, Bo doesn’t start with those days. He backs it up to when he was 9 years old. This episode is the first of two that will feature Bo. SHOW NOTES: 05:05  Bo talks about why personal stories are critical to every salesperson. 07:45  The problem, Bo says, is that most salespeople start off with the sale. 08:20  Great storytelling is not something you’re just born with. You have to work at it. With that in mind, Bo talks about the key elements of a great story. 11:10  The key is to get your audience exactly where you want them – visualizing your story through their lives. 12:40  As for crafting your own personal story, it’s all about tapping into some key life experiences – maybe even some unpleasant ones. 14:35  All of us have the same defining moment. And it really could be anything. 16:30  Everyone has gone through some sort of pain in their life. Every great story has a conflict – and that’s what people connect with. If you’re looking for examples, Bo says you can look to pretty much any elite athlete you’ve heard of – for example, Michael Jordan. 18:30  What’s a more compelling presentation – a story that puts the customer into their own life? Or a presentation chock full of statistics and numbers in columns? 19:25  When it comes to crafting a story, those for whom this is a new concept may be wondering if there’s a formula to get them started. Bo says he always starts with that painful “defining moment.” 21:50  Next, Bo says he shifts from the story to how he can help their lives. 23:00  Bo, who works with a lot of insurance and financial advisors, talks about common themes around their stories, and how they resonate best with the consumer. 25:45  While Bo certainly isn’t afraid to show his personal emotions, some people are afraid to do so, especially in front of prospects. If that’s what you’re thinking, here’s his advice for you. 28:50  It’s important that advisors not overlook the true importance of what they do. 30:50  Bo talks about the adage “If they cry, they’ll buy” – whether he ever finds that to be the case. 33:50  An important exercise involves thinking: “What is the best advice I ever got? Who was the strongest mentor in my life and what did they teach me?” The post #22: No story no glory, with Bo Eason appeared first on InsuranceNewsNet.
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