60 minutes | Jun 4th 2019

The Vulnerable Path to Love + Relationships with Dorota Stanczyk and Esmond Baring


The path to long term romantic partnerships has been something that’s baffled me through the years.    I’m fascinated hearing stories of how two people come together and ultimately choose each other.    Join coaches, entrepreneurs and speakers, Dorota Stanczyk and Esmond Baring and I as we discover the sometimes awkward and unclear path to romance, intimacy and long term partnership through vulnerability and curiosity on Episode 120 of Ignite Intimacy!!   About Dorota and Esmond: 

Dorota Stanczyk is a visual artist, creative director, documentary filmmaker, speaker and writer. Her passion is to combine fine arts with personal growth. In 2019 Dorota co-founded NYOUDE with the intention to inspire individuals, and couples, to realise that true self-expression, with the willingness to be vulnerable, open and courageous are the keys to a deepening of the connection, the love, and the trust in our relationships. Dorota offers intuitive coaching sessions that focus on unblocking our power to create exactly the reality we choose. 

Connect with Dorota: Website - http://www.dorotastanczyk.com Website - NYOUDE - http://www.nyoude.ventures Instagram: travelarty Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/dorota.art/ Email - connect@nyoude.venture   Esmond Baring     Esmond is a transformational coach and writer, specializing in bringing greater emotional awareness to men. He supports men, to better learn to feel, articulate, and language, the felt experience of their emotional universes. The results are that men are better able to communicate how they feel to those that they love, to better understand themselves, and to be more understood. Esmond's work invites men to explore, feel, and realize that their vulnerability can be their greatest strength, and ultimately set them free.    Connect with Esmond: Website - http://www.esmondbaring.com Website - NYOUDE - http://www.nyoude.ventures Instagram: esmondbaring Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/esmondcoaching/ Email - connect@nyoude.venture     * Listen through the end of this episode where Noelle, Scribe of personalized erotica, love stories, and poems will be sharing another one of her pieces with us. For more from Noelle, visit her website at  Museoferotica.carrd.co or connect with her via email at museoferotica@yahoo.com *