16 minutes | Oct 16, 2019

Danish Dhamani: How the Founder of Orai Overcame His Fear of Public Speaking to Give a TEDx Talk

Danish’s Dhamani's vision is to empower people around the world to overcome their fear of public speaking and to become a better communicator.

As a first-generation immigrant, for whom English is a second language, the fear of public speaking haunted Danish throughout his early life. By constant practicing and coaching, he soon realized that people are not born public speakers; instead, public speaking is a learnable skill.

This is what inspired Danish to create Orai, a mobile app that uses artificial intelligence to improve your speaking ability.

In this episode, you'll hear his story firsthand, and learn about his experience taking Orai through the 2018 Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs Accelerator powered by Techstars.

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